IJSRET invites paper from Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication, Electrical & Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mathematical Applications, Basic and Applied Sciences.

International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends

  • Avoidance Behavior of Eisenia fetida to Contaminated Soil by Pesticides and Heavy Metals around Benghazi City, Libya [1-5]

    Author: Maher Haeba, Walid Awgie, Jan Kuta, Heba. Elwerfalli

    Onion Market Chain Analysis in Humbo District of Wolaita Zone, Southern Ethiopia [6-16]

    Author: Alemayehu Asale, Derib W/Yhanes, Taye Buke

    Land Resource, Uses, and Ownership in Ethiopia: Past, Present and Future [17-24]

    Author: Belay Zerga

    Capacity Building on Ginger Post Harvest Technologies and Marketing [25-28]

    Author: Taye Buke, Leake G/resilassie, Abraham Bosha

    To Prepare and Evaluate Floating, Gastroretentive Tablet of Ofloxacin [29-34]

    Author: Niraj, V. K. Shrivastava, Hemesh Singh, Narendra Singh, Jyoti, Umesh Mishra

    Creating an Intelligent System through Internet of Things for Smart City [35-37]

    Author: Neelesh L. Chourasiya, Bhagyashri Gadage, Hrishikesh Siddam, Namrata Donikar, Minal Jagtap

    Prevalence and Antibiotics Resistance Pattern of Staphylococcus aureus among Food Handlers of Jigjiga University Studentís Cafeteria [38-41]

    Author: Tesfaye Wolde, Melese Abate, Lamesgin Mehari

    Enhancing Growth of Date Palm Plantlets by Different Fertilizer Treatments in the Acclimatization Greenhouse [42-49]

    Author: Darwesh, Rasmia, S. S; El-Banna, A. A.; Eman M. M. Zayed

    Efficient and Scalable Multiple Class Classification using Bee Colony Optimization [50-54]

    Author: Esha Shrivastava, Yogdhar Pandey